Thursday, 3 September 2015


Hi guys, so my birthday is coming up shortly and I was looking for a really nice dress for it. I struggle quite a bit to find nice dresses as I am petite and most dresses I find are too long or just don't fit right and not many retailers have much choice in there petite sections. I found myself on the ASOS petite section and I was blown away by the choice and the selection, there were so many different styles, ASOS have really uped there game and are always updating there petite section daily. They stock petite brands such as chi chi, glamourous, jarlo, john zack (my favorite), lipstick boutique, little mistress, maya, new look, noisy may, paper dolls, tiger mist, vera moda and true decadance. As you can see there are plenty of choices and currently have over 380 different styles currently on their website. So i thought i would show you a few of my favorite dresses.

John Zack 

                                                                      Lipstick Boutique

                                                                      Paper Dolls


                                                                       John Zack

                                                                         John Zack

                                                                     John Zack

                                                                      Tiger Mist


What are your favourite dresses?
Ashling x

**This is not a sponsored post, i am just sharing my love for petite clothing :) **

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