Monday, 27 April 2015

NYX Lip Pencils

  Hi guys, I've never really been a big lip liner fan (never really knew how to apply them ha) but now lip liner is huge at the moment and there is plenty of tutorials around (mainly because of kylie Jenner) .

   I have started using lip liners a lot recently and have to say I'm hooked! I wasn't sure what brand to go with when buying lip liners, I knew Mac have fabulous liners and I've heard great things about them but they are pretty expensive! It was only when I was searching for dupes I came across NYX! I was originally looking for dupe for Mac whirl and came across the shade mauve but unfortunately could not find this shade at any of the local stockists I went to.  Instead I bought the shade natural which is very similar to mauve! I use this shade mainly with velvet teddy and it's a great light brown shade. The other shades I bought are Prune 834, which is great paired with Mac rebel, Rose 840 is a lovely rose pink shade which is great paired with Mac Please Me, and finally Pale pink 854 which Is lovely paired with Loreal color Riche in doutzens shade.

(L-R pale pink, rose pink, natural, prune)

The liners have great pigmentation for the price and the colour goes on nicely on to the lips. It doesn't feel harsh on the lips either like some cheap liners can. I have a few other liners on my wish list and at €7.99 each where could you go wrong.

What brands of lip liners are your favourite?

Ashling x

Friday, 3 April 2015

How i clean my make up brushes

   Every Thursday for me is the much dreaded weekly make up brush cleaning,  I try to wash my face brushes weekly because I use them the most and they get the dirtiest. I thought I would share with you how I clean them.

   I have been using Johnstons baby shampoo for the last few years to clean my brushes but I found recently it did not thoroughly clean my brushes. I was in the hunt for a new cleaner, and I came across the Johnstons baby shampoo with camomile which was also on offer at buy one get one free (an offer I could not refuse). I think is cost me €3.45 which was a steal!

   I start buy putting of dot of the shampoo on the palm of my hand (only a pea sized amount) and I swirl the brush in my hand trying to get as much make up off the brush as I can, I keep repeating this step until all the make up I can visibly see has come off. I then rinse the brush under the tap or in basin of water until there is no make up and shampoo left on the brush. I leave them to dry naturally overnight or as long as they need to dry.

   I've also found from using this shampoo the bristles on the brushes are lot more softer and the make up comes off the brushes very easy with it.

What products do you use to wash your make up brushes?

Ashling x

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