Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Burt's Bees Mini Head To Toe Kit

Hello guys,

At the beginning of this month I decided I would start a spending ban as my spending was getting a little out of control as all I was doing was buying rubbish that I didn’t really need or would use (story of my life) however the spending ban lasted 2 hours! Ha. Well I can’t say I was surprised but I have got a lot better with my spending habits and actually spending my hard earned money on stuff I actually would use, and I have to say I am a lot happier this month J.


On to my latest purchase, I got this little pack from Holland & Barrett. The town where I work in had just opened a new Holland & Barrett store, so I decided to have a little look in. After having a good browse I then came across a Burt bees stand, I have to say I was delighted and shocked as I had no idea that H&B stocked burt’s bees. The store was also having a buy one get one free offer as it had literally just opened the day before. I picked up this pack and when straight to the till!



The pack cost 17.99euro which I did not think was too bad seeing as what you got in it. The mini Head to Toe kit contains the following:


  • Soap bark & chamomile deep cleansing cream: This rich, cream cleanser with natural soap bark deeply cleans, removing dirt, make-up and excess oil while chamomile and Aloe moisturise for naturally soft, healthy-looking skin.

This is a gorgeous smelling cream, it removed all traces of my make up while making my skin soft and refreshed, I will definitely start using this in my skincare routine.

  • Fabulously fresh peppermint & rosemary body wash: A naturally invigorating lather leaves your body feeling clean and refreshed.

Love, love this stuff it smells amazing and does exactly what it says- leaves my body clean and refreshed! I Will definitely buy the full sized version when this runs out.

  • Naturally nourishing milk & honey body lotion: Enriched with skin softening Milk and naturally nourishing Honey, this body lotion is formulated with botanical moisturisers and clinically proven to moisturise skin for up to 24 hours.

I already own the full sized version of this stuff and I think it is pretty darn great, it’s suited for normal to dry skin and 100% natural. It also smells great, its definitely hands down my new favourite moisturiser.

  • Coconut foot cream: Our coconut foot cream is enriched with a softening blend of super-saturated coconut oil and other natural emollient ingredients with a hint of peppermint for smooth, pampered feet.

I only used this once as I'm not a fan of foot creams and very rarely use them, although it does smell lovely.

  • Hand Slave: Our all-purpose hand slave is made with botanical oils, herbs and beeswax, specially formulated to deeply nourish and soften dry hands and other areas that need extra moisturising.

I found this very hard to use as its in a small tin, and to apply onto hands it takes a bit of work but still it is pretty good would prefer it was in a tube.

  • Beeswax lip balm: Moisturise and condition lips with our refreshing peppermint lip balm.

A lovely lip balm which I now always carry in my bag, would happily repurchase this again.


Overall I think this is a great kit and would make a lovely present. It is a great kit for anyone who wants to try the burt’s bees brand for the first time and I would definitely recommend it for that!

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