Saturday, 26 July 2014

This week I #1

Passed my driving test.. after two years driving I finally decided to take my test and passed on first go, I am behind delighted with myself as stuff like that gets me really anxious.

Watched my favourite movie ever 'I am Legend'... I was hoping to go to bed early Wednesday night but then I saw the listing on RTE ONE and had to stay up to watch it. The part where his dog dies gets me every time!

Treated myself to a few things from penneys and boots after my test... Not much to report back as my local penneys (primark) isn't that great and only got a few boring things like deodorant from boots.

Finally tracked down these metcalfe skinny topcorn... My local tesco(s) don't sell these and only other place I can get them is penneys which is a half hour drive away but just happened to find these in my local pharmacy of all places!

Ashling x

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